28 August 2009

Punch & Bind

One lovely reader recently asked for help to transform her blah business card holder into a Tada!. And that's how the blah to Tada! challenge was born. If you need some Tada! solutions using everyday blah items, send me an e-mail and I'll try my best to help you out.

Maybe you also need help organizing your thick wad of business cards that you've collected recently? Here's a crafty idea:

Blah: Sheets of cardboard & an old J. Crew catalogue.

You'll need these materials, too: pencil, ruler, a pair of scissors,
puncher, glue, a computer/printer & a big binder ring.

Step 1: Measure the cardboard to the size of a standard business card and add a half-inch allowance to its height (portrait orientation).

Step 2: Cut the cardboard. Once cut, you must have a total of 26 cards corresponding to each letter of the alphabet.

Step 3: Punch a hole on the upper left side of each piece of cardboard.

Now the fun part!

Step 4: Decorate each piece of cardboard. I opted for a "summer" look using bathing suits cut out from a J. Crew catalogue. You can choose whatever theme you fancy -- shoes, bags, flowers, food, cartoon characters...

Step 5: Print out letters from the computer & stick one letter on each piece of cardboard.

Step 6: Take out your business cards and punch each at the top left corner (make sure not to punch out important details like phone numbers & e-mail addresses). Rotate the business card if necessary.

Step 7: Insert the decorated cardboard sheets and business cards (now organized alphabetically) onto the binder ring.

Tada! Not your usual business card holder
clean & compact just the same!

Note: You can easily add or remove a card by sliding the binder ring opening to the corresponding letter. Unlock the binder ring and attach or detach a card. Lock the binder ring once again.

Wishing you a Happy Tada! weekend!


  1. Very cool! I love your ideas! Very creative. :)

  2. Glad you like it Simply Colette! Have a fun Friday!

  3. Those bathing suits make your project even cooler than it already is, I think this idea is actually very practical as you can hang that from a hook in a home office and its always available! i think I am your bigest fan :) enjoy the weekend!

  4. Awww, thanks Nuit!!! I chose the bathing suits so I'll have summer all year-round =) Have a great weekend!

  5. Wonderful ideas!!! I LOVE all your "ta-das"!!!

  6. Super cute and original! Have been wondering what to do with all those J. Crew catalogues!

  7. Cute idea!! Love it, since business cards are usually soo boring. At least this way I might actually look at them! :)

  8. Now that is cute...love it... and even I could do that! Thanks for sharing this...Happy weekend to you!

  9. That's Awesome! Very very Clever!

  10. I have awarded your creativity on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  11. Perfect, as usual! Thanks for sharing!

  12. THANK YOU dear Perfect Palette, Jill, Leslie, Katie, Koralee, Jakki, Simply Colette (extra Thanks for the award!) and Ashlee! I love all your comments. Have a fun weekend =)

  13. I was just about to do exactly this with the multitude of business cards lying around but you made it even better with the alphabet dividers - perfect!!!

  14. Happy punching, decorating & organizing Catherine!

  15. Super cute!!! I am loving your blog more and more every day :O)

  16. Hello Mrs. Sunshine! Thanks for dropping by =)

  17. These are AWESOME!! :) WOW!!!!!


    Can you tell me what to do with old metal lids from glass jars? I have tons of them! (Okay, a big box at least! Mum says they're unusable for jams or such, so...??)

    They're partly covered with plastic (inside) so I hear they're not recyclable...? Help!

  18. Thanks for visiting Layla! Metal lids -- hmmm, that's something to think about! I'll keep you posted =)

  19. Thanks for considering it, Claire! :)

    If you do think of something, I'll be really most delighted!! :)

  20. Hi Layla, I have a few ideas but I need to come up with a few more...I'll keep you posted =)


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