24 June 2009

With this Ring...

It's the month of June and it's wedding week here at my blog. Vintage handkerchiefs like these are getting a blah to Tada! makeover:

Once a blah...

...now a Tada!
It's an outfit for the pillow that will hold the precious wedding rings.

It's easy to make: Just sew two same-sized handkerchiefs together (or one hankie on top and a regular piece of cloth on the bottom), leave a big enough hole on one side, insert the pillow and seal the hole by more stitching. Sew on a piece of ribbon (use a color that matches your theme) at the center. I suggest you sew through the pillow to achieve that little dimple at the center.

On the wedding day, all you need to do is tie the wedding rings securely. And the "I Do's" aren't far behind.


  1. Now I am wondering, where did you get all those lovely, vintage handkerchiefs??? each one looks like a piece of expensive jewelry and you seem to have so many!!! lol

  2. This is such a clever idea! It turned out wonderfully.

  3. Heehee Nuit -- I found several at a flea market :)

    Thanks Michelle!

  4. I'm happy you like it Anna Lindsey =)

  5. I love love *love* your ideas! such a terrific idea, and less likely to be covered in eye makeup at the end of the day. ☺

  6. Thanks a lot Huebscher! Come visit me anytime =)


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