09 June 2009

Polka Dot Pouches

Good Morning Everyone! I'm still in a "travel" state of mind, so this week I'm sharing some Tada! ideas that I hope you can use on your next trip.

Whenever I travel, I take an extra bag with me. It's usually something that I can fold and easily stash in my handbag. Like most girls, shopping is always on my agenda -- local supermarket, independent bookstore, cute boutiques and farmer's market. During my trip to San Francisco, I saw this sign at one of the stalls at the Ferry Building farmer's market:

I think that's a Tada!

Unless you didn't have your own bag -- which would be a blah! How would you carry all those lovely produce? Good thing there are reusable bags and baskets available for purchase. This stall owner's rule reinforces a new habit we have to keep: abolish the hazardous plastic bag and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) instead!

It makes me excited to see many shops joining the bandwagon with their sturdy and well-designed reusable shopping bags!

Remember this pink and white polka dot bag (reversible with a colorful stripe pattern on the other side)? I got it at a swap from fellow blogger Becky. I'm proud to say it has made its debut, helping me carry a loaf of crusty bread, a bottle each of lavender salt and lavender sugar, a pint of sweet strawberries, a pound of cherries and a cookbook! On another occasion, I used it to carry little presents to hand out to relatives and friends. Then when the rain threatened to pour, I stuffed it with a folding umbrella and my trusty scarf...just in case. Handy dandy indeed!

Another thing I like to pack is this polka dot pouch. I can put my passport & boarding pass inside and other documents like itineraries & hotel or car rental reservation details. I can also use it to store metal objects (watch, belt, loose change, mobile phone) that I need to remove from my pants before going through the airport security sensors. This will corral my valuable stuff while I'm busy putting on the shoes that I also had to take off!

Maybe you'd like to add these two items in your packing list.

Oh, and if you're not into polka dots like I am, go ahead and chose your favorite print!


  1. Thank you for visiting me and I love your blog. What great ideas. My friend gave me a reusable bag that I keep in my handbag for trips to the bookstore when I think that I am not going to buy anything and I end up with an armful!

  2. Hi Claire. Thanks so much for visiting my cupboard today. Thought I'd let you know that the people at obscurio have just put up another fabulous floral tin ... go get it, if you're interested!

  3. With all the cute bags out there now, there is never an excuse not to carry one....have a great week!

    P.S. I like your polka dot bag tip for airline travel. I will use that one on my next trip :D

  4. Hi Clare! Thanks for the visit! A little shopping trip is always a good treat =)

    Hello Helen! Appreciate your visit! They still have the cute tin?! Thanks for the tip...I'll check it out!

    Howdy Bumblebird! So many bag choices these days. I'm glad I'm into $1 reusable bags instead of $1,000 designer bags or else I'd be in deep, deep trouble! =)

  5. I love all the bags out there now! So fun! And way better looking than white plastic!

  6. I've given you an award, to receive it visit http://annaoreilly.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-1st-blog-award.html


  7. hi Claire,

    thank you very much for stopping by my blog today! wow, that is a fantastic idea. i think more stores should implement the bring your bag policy. great blog, too! would love to visit again=)

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. Like you ... we always appreciate a lil note...huh?

    Cute bags-- love the ideas!


  9. Hi there Dani, Rachel & Claudia...thanks for knocking on my door -- you're always welcome to stop by =)

    Anna Dear, A BIG THANK YOU for the award! I'm honored! I'll draw up my own list and pass on the award soon =)

  10. Such a cute lovely post and im loving your blog. :) So full of fun! There are soo many cute tote bags out there for shopping...it's really hard not to own one or more! Have a lovely mid-week and love to you!

  11. I'm certainly a polka-dot fan and will check out that bag at beckys - really like those ideas on your blog :)

  12. These are adorable! I love to BYOB - to the grocery store, lunch, shopping, everywhere. Generally, a giant purse doubles as a bag :)

  13. Welcome to my blog K! BYOB is the way to go!


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