29 June 2009

More Hanky Panky

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a nice & sunny weekend.

Last week, we played around with some vintage handkerchiefs that any blushing bride can use at her wedding. I hope you gals who aren't brides-to-be didn't feel left out. Good news! This week on blah to Tada!, we'll get into some more hanky panky...the wholesome kind of course!

I have this stack of floral handkerchiefs sitting inside my sock drawer. In a not so distant past, every lady carried one and I bet, if these hankies could talk, they'd be muttering, "Bring us back in style!"

Part of that stack is this handkerchief I got from a pink & green swap. Isn't it pretty? The pink rose really grabs your attention.

I love it so much, I think it's worthy to be framed.
It brightens up my desk, giving me the feeling
of having
a vase of flowers!


  1. I love vintage hankies!! Just a few weeks ago, I went to lunch with two close friends and we decided we should and need to start carrying them. We live in Western Arkansas which means, 100 degree heat for summer PLUS off the chart MAJOR humidity!
    I love your idea of framing one!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Angela! Let's put hankies back in fashion =)

  3. Yes, I am definitely down with bringing hankies back.

  4. Bringing hankies back is like bringing sexy back! =)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your blog - so many wonderful ideas! Can't wait to read more!!

  6. I love this! So simple but so creative :)

  7. Hello Susan, Anna and Nuit! Thanks for your encouraging words =)

  8. Just the colorful stack of those hankies are pretty.

  9. Claire - I love vintage hankies. I've decided I want to carry one in my purse; they are so graceful. Where do I look for them? Thanks a bunch! :)

  10. Hi Purple Flowers! Thanks for the visit =)
    I've seen a lot of vintage hankies in flea markets & thrift stores. Happy hunting!


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