26 June 2009

Heirloom Hankies

Horay it's Friday! Let me cap wedding week with a final blah to Tada! transformation dedicated to the bride and all her best friends.

Here's the blah...an old handkerchief.

Here's the Tada!...an old handkerchief, but one that's personal & sentimental.

It's meant for best friends to share and pass on.

Each lady's name and wedding date are written (or embroidered) on the handkerchief.

It marks that special day when she was a bride.

Then it's passed on to the next bride!

This has all the elements a bride needs for her wedding day:

Something OLD: the handkerchief
Something NEW: the NEW bride's name & wedding date
Something BORROWED: the handkerchief that's passed on
among friends
Something BLUE: the embroidery thread

The current bride keeps it in her care until a new engagement is announced. It can be presented to the bride-to-be at the engagement party or bridal shower.

This handkerchief can also be a wonderful heirloom piece from mother to daughter or shared among sisters.

Who says new wedding traditions can't be created?

Have a Tada! weekend everyone!


  1. What a cool idea! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Dawn! Thanks for the visit =)

  3. This is a good idea. I love vintage hankies. I'm always looking for hankie ideas. THANKS!

  4. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for visiting me!! I so enjoyed the hankie ideas!! I have a FEW and I'm always looking for new ideas for them.
    Happy Weekend.

  5. Claire, Thanks for the comment on my blog, I hope you stop by again sometime! I love what you did the the hankies! Passing it on from bride to bride is a wonderful idea, very clever:)

  6. Welcome to my blog Small House, Garage Sale Gal & Far Sid of Fifty! Your comments made me smile today =)

  7. WOW! What a lovely idea!! :)

    I wish I had known it before my friend's wedding!! :)

  8. Thanks Layla...you can still use this idea for a future wedding =)


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