06 May 2009

Kitchen Loofah

Today, I'll show you another idea to transform an empty garlic sack
from blah to Tada!

Turn it into a loofah to clean root veggies like potatoes and yams. Tie at least two empty garlic sacks into a knot and use this to scrub the potato under running water.

Another easier option is to put the potato inside the sack and move the sack around under running water.

Both methods will exfoliate the potato of any soil and dirt...before you know it, they are ready to cook.

I can already see potato salad & baked sweet potato fries in my future.
See ya' all tomorrow!


  1. What a clever blog! I've just been scrolling through all your great ideas! You should turn this into a book!

  2. Hi Claire,
    Love your blog. what a creative, thoughtful idea for a blog. I am coming via the blogging your way ecourse.
    Hope to be back soon for more.

  3. Two Heathers came to visit me today! Thanks for saying hello...your words are precious! Blush =)


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